You may never have used a local pest controller before, so here is how we go about our work.

Firstly, you will have contacted us by phone or email/text and we will have made an appointment to visit you.


On arrival, our qualified pest control technician will introduce himself to you and ask you to explain exactly what your pest problem is and how it is affecting you. ID will be shown if requested.

The pest technician will ask to carry out a full inspection of your property or the affected parts of your property. Priority is given to safety and environmental protection in the technicians evaluation of the problem and the solution to be implemented.

The technician will decide the safest and most effective method of pest control to be offered for eradication of your pest problem. Usually, the price will be a fixed priced previously agreed over the phone but in some cases, such as in Bed Bug control, the price will be estimated at the initial inspection. The extent of an infestation will clearly determine the ultimate cost of the solution as several visits may be required.

Once a programme of works is agreed, the pest technician will check if you have pets or children either living at the property or due to visit the property. This is all part of the safety evaluation as some pesticides can be accidentally disturbed by animals or children and this can determine the level of precautionary measures the technician needs to take to ensure a safe pest control treatment.

Treatment can involve application of an insecticide, this can be water based, powder or gel. The application of this can be carried out with a professional compression sprayer, special pest control dusting equipment of gel application gun.

All of our equipment has been specially selected to ensure accurate application of insecticidal products for the control of Ants, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Mealy Bugs (Woodlice), cockroaches, flies, clothes moth, carpet moth and a host of other insect pests.

Your problem my be rodents. Whether it be mice, rats, squirrels or other mammal, we will use the most appropriate traps, rodenticides and tracking methods to ensure clearance of your problem.

We will suggest ways of proofing your premises to deter re-infestation, in some cases we will offer to carry out the suggested proofing. Particularly in the case of rats emerging from drains, we are able to fit devices within the drains to prevent rats from gaining access through your pipework.

In the case of bird control, we will quote for the method of control required. We can protect solar panel installations from birds nesting underneath. Nesting birds can cause an infestation of insects (bird mite) that can enter the home below and cause distress as they bite and are difficult to see.

Birds, particularly pigeons and seagulls can cause danger by fouling footpaths and blocking rainwater systems. We can install bird spikes, bird netting and other deterrents to aid health and safety.

All in all, Pest Control Guys can offer a professional service at a competitive price in the local areas of Eastbourne, Lewes, Seaford, Bexhill, Hailsham, Uckfield, Battle and Hastings. In fact, we cover the whole of East Sussex.

Card payment is simple and carried out on site. Reports will be emailed along with any invoices. We are essentially a paperless operation.

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